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Safety First

During these unprecedented and challenging times we want to take the opportunity to ensure you that your safety is our highest priority.  We have implemented thorough and frequent cleaning measures, including sanitizing all surfaces touched by a patient (for example, waiting room benches, exam chairs) after each encounter.  We are grateful that we are able to continue to offer excellent Podiatric care while ensuring safety. 

While the photos below are meant to be humorous (because we have to be able to find a little joy in these difficult times!), rest assured their message is accurate and we take safety very seriously.

You may be asked to place a sticky-note where you sit so that we know where to clean afterwards.


Traffic will be judiciously controlled in our small hallways.  No horseplay allowed!!

Masks are optional, respect of personal space is appreciated  


Peaches had mixed feelings about wearing a mask.  We love her anyway!

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